Pickleball, a combination of table tennis, tennis, and badminton, over the past few years, has become one of the most popular sports in the country. The growth in the sport has risen to almost 5 million players in 2022.  


A sport for absolutely everybody, pickleball is played in singles and doubles matches, involving hitting a plastic whiffle ball-style ball over a net with a paddle, somewhat bigger than a table tennis paddle, on a badminton-sized court.  Some specific rules and nuances make it more of finesse than a power game, like prohibiting overhand serves and a no-volley zone, affectionately referred to as “the kitchen,” around the net.

Multiple origin stories claim to explain the odd name of the sport, some claiming the moniker comes from the game founder’s dog, Pickle, while others think it comes from the term “pickle boat,” which carries a mismatched crew of spare rowers leftover from other boats-just as pickleball adopts stray elements from other racket sports.

There are many training tutorials on YouTube for Pickleball and plenty of places you can go for coaching and instruction. Below listed are schedules for pickleball at our local recreation centers.

MCSSA will be organizing pickleball leagues and tournaments in the near future so stay in touch and always check back with the MCSSA website.